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262 Woolbright Circle
Townville, SC 29689
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Stratco Inc
Advanced Electronics Reconditioned electronic calibration equipment, i.e. Fluke Calibrators
B.C. Ames Company Dial Indicators & dial indicating type gaging
Bal-Tec Precision Gage Balls, Chrome, Carbide or S.S.
Barcor Inc. ID & OD chamfer gages, special indicating type gages
Baty/Gagemaster Optical Comparators
Blake Manufacturing COAX Indicators, contacts, parts
Brown & Sharpe
Custom Metrology
Profile measurement systems for cylindrical parts, i.e. transmission shafts
Brown & Sharpe Inc.
Complete line of all Brown & Sharpe catalog products
Brunswick Instruments ID & OD chamfer gages, special indicating type gages
Carbide Probes Carbide contacts for all AGD & test indicator applications, CMM styli, carbide, ruby, ceramic
Chevin Tools Inc. Tapered Arbors, expanding mandrels
Coilhose Pnuematic Air supply products
Compac Dial Indicators & repair, calibration service
Dorsey Metrology International Dial Bore Gages, Dial Snap Gages OD & groove, AGD 4 Hi-resolution Dial Indicators, special indicating type gages
Drewco Corp. Expansion Arbors & mandrels
Dyer Company Deep bore gaging, ID & OD groove gages, special variable & attribute type gages
Fisk Tool Swing down Grinding Gages
Flexbar Machine Corporation Full catalog of gaging, flexible optical lighting with camera & video, video measurement sytems, inspection aids, shop safety guards
Fred V. Fowler Company Full line of gaging, TRIMOS precision measuring machines, height gages, BOWERS SYLVAC Bore gage systems
Godwin Gage L.L.C. Attribute Thread Gaging
Hartzog Granite Company Resurfacing & calibration of granite surface plates
IMADA, Inc. Analog & Digital force gages, stands & accessories (2 Year Warranty Standard)
Jus-Rite Engineering Design & Build
Leader Corporation Complete line of all attribute style gages
LeCount, Inc. Expansion Arbors
Leitech US Limited Depth measuring Go/NoGo Thread plug gage assemblies
Mahr/Federal Products Complete line of gaging
Metronics Inc. Digital Readouts with geometric measurement & alignment features, QC-4000 full computerized CNC drive, readout & measurement system, used extensively on video measurement systems
Meyer Gage Co. Pin gage sets & attribute style gages
Mitutoyo Corp. Comprehensive line of inspection & metrology equipment
Mueller Gages Indicating type groove gages.
Quality Control Solutions SEE MIC (affordable) Video Measuring Systems
R.L.S. Co. Carbide attribute gaging
Rams Rockford Hardness Testers, test blocks & penetrators
Royal Oak Products Attribute style gage parts & accessories
Solartron Metrology Comprehensive line of LVDT (full & half bridge) probes. Digital probes & displays
Southwestern Industries TRAV-A-DIAL products
S-T Industries
Full line of Optical Comparators (2 Year Warranty Standard). Complete line of gaging including indicating snap gages with 1" digital travel
Standard Gage Co. Dial Bore Gages, Stratco stocks a large qty. of parts for this line
Stratco, Inc
Stratco Inc.
Complete line of custom gaging, ball micrometers (internal & external), comprehensive repair (reconditioning), calibration department with an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Metrology Laboratory. Repair & calibration services for all Optical Comparators
Stuhr Manufacturing Co. Bench Centers & wheel balancers
Suburban Tool, Inc. Comprehensive line of V-blocks, parallels, straight-edges, etc., the Taft-Peirce line & Optical comparators
The L.S. Starrett Company Comprehensive line of specialized trade, inspection & metrology equipment
The L.S. Starrett Company Granite Surface Plates, pink granite. (No Freight charges throughout the continuous US)
Thread Chek Inc. Thread Measuring wires, holders & thread software
Tool Works Design & Build
Tru-Stone Technologies Granite Surface Plates, knees & customized granite applications
Universal Punch Corp. Concentricity Gaging
US Bulb Bulbs for all Optical Comparators, Vision Systems & microscopes
Vermont Precision Tools Comprehensive line of attribute style gaging
Visual Precision Inc. Chart Screens & overlays for all optical comparators
W.L.R. Co. Econo-Chek granite base test stands
Webber Gage Division Starrett/Webber gage blocks (CroBlox)
Western Gage Corp. Single or Dual Master analog or digital air gage systems, all tooling for all air gage systems
Western Pegasus Spline gaging, attribute or variable. Dimension over or between gages, runout gages
Williamson Equipment Pressure Gage calibration